Wolf Bill of Rights

1° Right to life – As any other animal, wolves have the right not to be persecuted and live in dignity throughout their lives.

2° Right to eat game – Eating wild animals is one of the wolf’s natural rights, men have to ensure that the amount of food remains adequate.

3° Right to life in natural habitat – Wolves like any wild animal have the right to live free in savage environment.

4° Right to proper information – Men should not denigrate the wolf, without knowing his actual behavior.

5° Right to admission of his true role in the environment – Men have to recognize that the wolf is essential for a healthier and more balanced environment.

6° Right to safe den – The wolf has the right to have a safe den, not violated by humans.

7° Right to knowledge – The wolf has the right to know that some things should not be done, for instance that domestic animals should not be harmed; it is men duty to make wolves understand that through the use of proper fences and hounds.

8°Right to a family – To have an healthy and well-fed family is a natural right of the wolf.

9° Right to silence – Infrastructures and main communication channels must consider the wolf’s historical areas.

10° Right to privacy – The wolf has the right to live in complete freedom with the guarantee that his own privacy will not be violated, also photographers and reporters should keep appropriate distances.

We propose this Bill of Natural Rights for the wolf, proposal that we would like to improve and share, suggestions and advices are welcome; please help us spreading it.





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