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Among the many activities that Provediemozioni.it carries out, defending the wolf has always been a main intent.

The purpose of this new Blog is to dedicate to our friend a space of his own, the aim is bringing to light strengths and weaknesses of the most fascinating and wonderful animal in the world, the intent is also giving you the opportunity to form your own opinion amid the sea of disinformation. Italianwildwolf.it is born with the primary objective of protecting the wolf from the unwarranted attacks committed by men, particularly from the false information: men who hate the wolf often are not in acquaintance with it or are being misinformed. In this site we simply want to provide the right information so that everybody can understand the real side of the wolf, the wild Italian wolf who lives in woods and hills closer to us. We would like to talk about the wolf sniffing and observing us, but everyday trying to avoid meeting the Man, which is the only animal that can kill it.

Basically we want to reply to those who assert that the wolf is endowed with wickedness, those who are convinced that the wolf is evil and has to be destroyed. To those people we answer with field-observations, meticulous research, photographic documentaries and videos. We are more and more convinced that the wolf is a resource and because of that has to be preserved. We know that it will not be easy, but if only we succeeded in catching your attention and in instilling some doubts in you, we will already have achieved our goal; we therefore invite you to follow our new site where you will find all the initiatives that every year we will dedicate to the real wild wolf living in our woods.

Write us to: fotografo.iannibelli@gmail.com

Antonio Iannibelli

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