Festival of the Wolf 2010

The Cultural Association Provediemozioni.it in collaboration with the Study Group “Gente di Gaggio”, the Church of Saints Michele and Nazario in Gaggio Montano and with the patronage of the Municipality of Gaggio Montano presents :


Gaggio Montano, 19-20-21 november 2010

The Wolf Festival is born with the intent of bringing to light strengths and weaknesses of the most fascinating and feared predator in our country, the purpose is giving you the opportunity to form your own opinion amid the disinformation about this subject. This Festival gives also the opportunity to share field-experiences collected by so many enthusiasts.

The second edition of the Festival of the Wolf will take place in Gaggio Montano, in the heart of the Bolognese Apennines. Program schedules the exhibition of photographs and drawings, the screening of photographic documentaries and videos, field-experiences and excursions following the traces of the wild wolf.

Emblems of the Festival are:

 – Reproduction of a picure taken by Antonio Iannibelli: “PORTRAIT”. Reproduction was performed by the apulian artist Marika Gravina on a majolica plate with an approximate diameter length of 26 cm.

– Print on canvas, 40×55, of a picture of the wolf taken by photographer Antonio Iannibelli.


Inauguration on Saturday november 13 at 18,00 PM open until november 28, 2010

At the Municipal Library 1, Square A. Brasa in Gaggio Montano (BO) Phone 0534.37664

Scheduled meetings

(Meetings will take place at: “Saletta del teatrino” of the Church of Saints Michele and Nazario – Via Suor Teresa Grossi 2, Gaggio Montano – Mobile Phone: 347.2211326)

Friday November 19, 2010

At 17,00 PM: Photographic exhibition with the authors (Municpal Library, 1 Square A. Brasa, Gaggio)

18,00: (Saletta del teatrino of the Church of Saints Michele and Nazario) Works opening and greetings from the Authorities

18,15: Situation of the wild wolf’s presence in the Italian territory: Screening video by Marco Galaverni, comments by Antonio Iannibelli

18,45: Screening of the video “Howling in the Appennines” by Stefano Franceschetti

19,15: Discussion

Saturday November 20, 2010

18,00: Screening the photographic documentary “Knowing the wolf, his presence in Emilia-Romagna” by Antonio Iannibelli

18,30: Witnesses and field-experiences in Italian regions: Piemonte, Liguria, Marche

  • Giorgio Bernardi faunistic Park of Entraque, Maritime Alps’ Park
  • Stefano Polliotto, Piedmont

19,30: Discussion

Conclusion with the presentation of the video “The good, the bad and the ugly” by Stefano Franceschetti

Moderates and coordinates Antonio Iannibelli

Scheduled excursions:

Saturday November 20, 2010 (Choice)

1. Excursion in the regional Park “Corno alle Scale”, from Cavone to Nuda, following the wolf ‘s traces (Excursion average-easy, approximate walking time: 5 hours) Meeting in 1, Square A. Brasa (Municipal Square) at 07.00 AM

2. Excursion from “Santuario della Madonna dell’Acero” to Dardagna Falls (approximate walking time: 2 hours) Meeting in 1, Square A. Brasa (Municipal Square) at 09.00 AM

3. Guided tour between the alleys in Gaggio Montano, at “Sasso di Rocca” (approximate walking time:1 hour) Meeting in 1, Square A. Brasa (Municipal Square) at 10.00 AM

Sunday November 21,2010

1. Excursion to Park “Due Laghi” in Brasimone and Suviana (Excursion average-easy approximate walking time: 5 hours) Meeting in 1, Square A. Brasa (Municipal Square) at 07.00 AM

Excursion 2. e 3. As scheduled on Saturday.

Transportations with own car or car-sharing

Works closure and greetings:

Sunday November 21,2010 h 13.00 PM

Typical lunch in a restaurant in Gaggio Montano (lunch is charged on participants)

By car: from Bologna / from Pistoia: drive along the SS64 (Porrettana) until Silla than follow directions to Gaggio Montano
Highways: from Bologna: from the A1 exit Sasso Marconi, drive along the SS64 (Porrettana) until Silla than follow directions to Gaggio Montano
from Firenze: from the A11 exit Pistoia, drive along the SS64 (Porrettana) until Silla than follow directions to Gaggio Montano
By train: From Central Station in Bologna: Line Bologna – Porretta Terme stop Silla or Porretta, than continue with coach number 756. If you want to read more about the first wolf festival click here.



Hotel Ristorante Corte Antica ****
Gaggio Montano – Viale Amaduzzi, 9
tel. 0534.37076-37103

Pensione Ristorante La Posta **
Gaggio Montano – Via Roma, 95
tel. 0534.37449

Hotel Ristorante La Speziale **
Gaggio Montano – Via Roma, 52
tel. 0534.37025

Agriturismo Cà di Fos
Gaggio Montano – Località Casa Fossi, 731
tel. 0534.37029

Hotel Bar Pizzeria Gambrinus ***
Gaggio Montano – Via Roma, 131/133
tel. 0534.37040

Albergo Ristorante Le Roncole **
Gaggio Montano – Viale Roncole, 1012
tel. 0534.37011

Pensione La Chiocciola ***
Gaggio Montano – Viale Cola Montano, 55
tel. 0534.37075
Pensione Ristorante Alpina **
Gaggio Montano – Via Roma, 30
tel. 0534.37104

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